• Your posture is stooped and you would like to do something about it?
  • You are conscious that it is very important to stand or sit up straight, but it’s difficult and you don’t know how to fix this once and for all?
  • This is not the first time you look up how to stand and sit straight? Even though you each time find good advice on health blogs, ultimately it is a matter of applying them on the long run?
  • You think that standing straight is difficult and that holding a good posture is demanding?
  • You want to instantly lose 10 lbs and grow 10 centimeters?

 If you are not used to it, standing straight seems difficult and straining. So you procrastinate. When you feel a little motivated, you google “how to stand up straight” or “improve my posture”. And you find good advice online:

  • Examples of good posture
  • Exercises to build back muscles.
  • Reasons why it is important to stand and sit up straight.

But the real difficulty is to apply those pieces of advice. Because when you are used to slouch, back muscles are not trained enough. As a result, good posture is difficult to maintain. It does not feel natural. Generally you quickly forget about your good resolution, within days, or maybe even hours… And you are back to square one!

 I was in this situation …

Always slouched, I knew it was bad for my health because I often experienced back discomfort. Moreover, I was concerned about the message it sends to other people. Clearly. Standing and sitting up straight is way more important than I first imagined:

  • For health: Slouching is directly or indirectly related to a number of health issues on the long run : Constant back discomfort and more serious problems such as lumbago, herniated disk, sciatic… And it often ends up with chronic pain and long physiotherapist
  • For personal development: Standing up straight sends a good message. It is no accident that we never see presidents, directors slouching on their desks or politicians with a bent back during a speech. Concretely it makes you look taller, slimmer, stronger and more confident.

I was conscious of this. But I could not apply correctly the advice from health blogs. Then I stepped back and thought on the reasons why it was not working.

The more efficient method: Parents

I realized that recommendations we find online had one main problem. As long as we are actively think about them, they work. But because it is tough to stand straight without practice we end up forgetting it.

Actually the best method is when parent continuously repeat to their children “stand straight” or “sit straight”. Because it doesn’t only rely on motivation. No way to get rid of your parents until you stand straight. It is a recurring reminder until the child gets used to standing and sitting up straight. At that point, it has become a habit.

Based on that observation, I thought of a method to learn once and for all to stand  and sit up straight. I contacted physiotherapy specialists to learn strengthening exercises for the back and to learn how to stand and sit up straight. Based on their advice, I designed the method “Good Posture”. It relies on that principle of recurring reminders. It enabled me to learn once and for all to stand up straight naturally!

After applying this method to myself I started to share it with relatives. In the light of its success within my friends and family I decided to make it available online so that anyone can enjoy it!

You too discover the Good Posture method